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Word from the Headmistress

Message from the Headmistress



Dear STREGS Family,

What a blessing to be part of the St. Theresa Secondary School Community!!! With joy and honor I warmly welcome all our esteemed visitors to the school’s digital platform. I thank the good Lord who has enabled us reach this far and in a special way for mothering our dear school for 99 years since her existence. May his Holy name be praised and glorified.

I greatly thank the Board of Governors, Parents Teachers Executive, Staff and the alumni for the team work. We have always nurtured these students together. I call upon each one of you to live a life that influences the young ones to achieve more by the actions they take and bring significance to their lives by our actions.

What can i say to you beloved parents!!! You have wholeheartedly entrusted us with your fruits (Children) not because this was the only school, but you chose it among the countless schools all over the world. Thank you so much and be assured of our parental love towards them so that in future you enjoy the fruits of your words. 

We thank God because when our daughters enter STREGS, in most cases they are tiny, short, shy, mention it… but when they complete their levels i.e. U.C.E and U.A.C.E, they are physically, mentally and spiritually independent. This is brought about by the motherly hand rendered to them by the STREGS FAMILY. Thanks goes to this special “STREGS FAMILY”. Let us always remember this Luganda proverb “Akuweera omwana….” above all remember this “Educate a Woman, Educate a Nation”. 

In all we do, our focus is to produce that special lady who is holistically prepared for the contemporary world and its demands. We are determined to move away from simply preparing the students to answer the demands of terminal examinations whose results only serve to take them to the next phase of life. Life has more phases a head of us than just that one phase.

We believe in empowering the girl child to compete favourably in the dynamic world. We build a foundation that can stand strong and resilient in all storms of life. The culture of prayer is taken as a key component that creates an atmosphere of discipline and gives learners a sense of direction. Prayer will always guide us through thick and thin. The social life of the learner is equally emphasized through the various clubs and activities in the school. We focus on making the learner an active participant in the world as we believe that together we can. Its all part of the goal of providing a holistic education.

As I conclude I place the St. Theresa family in God’s hands. We should not cease to pray for our mother school to shine brighter financially, spiritually and academically.